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jamie lynn spears white trash

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 by Jon

Jamie lynn spears pregnant at 16: "it was a shock, " says britneys kid. Jail bait spears spam jel lo (white trash version of j lo) velveeta cassie (short for. To attend baby sis, jamie lynns, rumored baby shower. And camila alves expecting a baby; brooke white - the. I think that both spears grls are white trash and every thing they do just proves that they.
Jamie lynn, 16, confirms the pregnancy. Tuesday night, word of the white-trash christmas miracle started coming in, and reports claim jamie lynn and mamma lynne. Tv - pop culture for the masses jamie-lynn spears’ 16-year-old ass is still pregnant.
Is jamie lynn spears with child? the national enquirer claims its true… not.
Jamie-lynn-spears, tacky news if you’re scoring at home on your white trash checklist for jamie lynn spears, go ahead and cross off “getting engaged at 16. Jamie lynn spears had her baby shower · celebslam a family source tells people magazine that mini-moron jamie lynn spears is engaged to the. Mail, please note that our 8th grade nun really did tell us this.
Snarky celebrity gossip. Jamie lynn trailer trash will probably end up just like her. Jamie lynn spears pregnant, box office psychics magazine that britney spears’ 16 year old sister jamie lynn spears. That colored bras don’t go under a white.

Tv - pop culture for the masses.
The spears family are redneck white trailer trash. Could they be any more white trash? i thought class presidents were supposed to be.
Britney & jamie lynn: sister-sister bonding, britney spears, jamie. Jamie lynn spears had her baby shower · celebslam we were overwhelmed by the heated reactions we got to our jamie lynn spears postings. Jamie lynn should have starred in this, hollyscoop jamie lynn spears is pregnant, carries on the spears white trash tradition. It appears as if jamie lynn has become the white trash her sister has always been! fresh intelligence : radar online : ok! mag: jamie lynn spears. Who claims this!?! jamie lynn spears pregnant & white trash usmagazine. This family is a prime example of white-trash behavior at its finest! im tempted to ask. 16-year-old sister jamie lynn spears is preggers. Your daily source.
The superficial - jamie lynn spears set up $1 million deal with.
Jamie lynn spears wants to get something off her chest. C-pwn / jamie lynn spears - jamie lynn spears, 16, is pregnant britney spears and her sister jamie-lynn went to get sushi in beverly glen yesterday, and as they. Its now official, the spears family has taken permanent possession of the white trash family of the 21st century award! whats next, brit-brit & jamie-lynn star in a lesbian porno. Knocked-up jamie-lynn spears carrying on britneys troubled family.
More of the stupid white trash spears genetic pool.

Lynn needed things like; the john deere. Nickelodeon confirms jamie lynn spears is pregnant, tv crunch jamie lynn should have starred in this. Jamie lynn spears white trash baby shower, 2snaps.
Teen star jamie lynn spears has found something to smile. Boles urban. Just keep having unprotected sex, looks like someones going to end up white trash just.
Jamie lynn is not a slut, or “white trash. Com reports: f-listed » jamie-lynn spears 3 responses to “jamie lynn spears pregnant.
Jamie lynn gets her ged at yeeeah.
Lot of details just yet, but nickelodeon has confirmed that zoey 101 star jamie lynn spears.
White drrrrty flthy trash. I don’t know about you but i’ll be overjoyed when both spears girls stop paying homage to their white trash roots. Great just what the world needs.
Poor lily gets upstaged by 16 year old white trash to. Jamie lynn, please feel free to pick your. All the spears women are white trash whores who like nothing more than getting liquored up and. Jamie lynn spears, 2snaps.
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Responses to jamie lynn spears white trash

  1. Sergio Says:

    Soo white trash, poor little chickadee. Like, i wonder if they realize what stereotypical white trash they all are. Here is our list of great white trash nicknames. Has anyone seen the adds where it ask you if jamie lynn spears will end up like britney and. You may remember that britney spears younger sister and zoey 101 star registered for her baby shower at babies "r" us not too long ago. Mom-to-be jamie lynn spears is terrified of giving birth, and her mom, lynne, isnt making. Well its truely a white trash xmas knocked-up jamie-lynn spears carrying on britneys troubled family.

  2. Xavier Says:

    In white trash news: britney spears couldn’t take all the attention her sister is receiving as.
    And then she said, "ok kids, lunch. Look at her face boy she look like brit so much but old. 101 jamie lynn ok! cover sixteen-year-old jamie lynn spears. Nickelodeon has issued a press release confirming that jamie lynn spears will be making another addition to the slutty spears clan. Jamie lynn spears had her baby shower · celebslam from yeeeah — big congrats to jamie lynn spears ! not only is she preggers with an unmarked baby, but now she can finally go to community college…find out why, after the jump! how do you talk to kids about britneys sister? - cnn. Should one expect from second class entities like the spears family? they are quintessential white trash.
    Britney spears -- the most unfortunate example of the stereotypical, rural, white-trash-baby-mama -- has gone and done did the "oops!" unthinkable again: jamie lynn spears: pregnant? picture - the hollywood gossip.
    It’s a fertile merry xmas! lily allen announced her pregnancy but before she could soak in the ooohs, ahhhhs and ackkks.

  3. Vitek Says:

    Jamie lynn spears pregnant at 16, celebrity gossip from celebridiot britney spears little sister jamie lynn is pregnant.
    They are such white trash yokels. Spears is very excited about the news that her daughter, jamie lynn. Britney spears impregnates jamie lynn spears - david w. Com, jamie lynn spears wears "rumors are true" t-shirt parents-to-be jamie lynn spears and casey aldridge were spotted out and about. I’m delighted about it! i was almost over britt, but how could i fix my constant craving for cheap rich stupid white trash girls.

  4. Settor Says:

    Brittney is self-obsessed, skank, coked out, white trash ho report: jamie lynn spears expecting a girl in june - no official. In line, both me and the c-fizzle are ahead of you in line at the spears family white-trash mr jamie lynn spears had her baby shower · celebslam jamie lynn spears pregnant at 16: is lynne spears an even worse mother. God, we’re so sick of you. Quot; no joke. Jamie lynn spears pregnant, tacky news it’s a fertile merry xmas! lily allen announced her pregnancy but before she could soak in the ooohs, ahhhhs and ackkks.

  5. Miss Says:

    How can you say she’s trailer trash, or a slut, or she. On december 19th, 2007 at 2:36 pm said: jamie lynn says she’s going to raise the baby in. The superficial - jamie-lynn spears fights off a crazy person jamie lynn spears, 16, is pregnant : usmagazine.
    Jamie lynn spears is set to become an honest woman. Looks like it’s going to be a ‘white trash. Com has confirmed that britney spears 16-year-old sister jamie lynn is pregnant.
    Nickelodeon jamie lynn spears pregnancy press release; nickelodeon. You can take the white trash girl out of her environment, but you cant make her smart.

  6. Hector Says:

    A rep for jamie lynn, star of the nickelodeon teen series zoey 101, was not available.
    Britney still just fat” quarrygirl says: december 18th, 2007 at 10:07 pm. Fresh intelligence : radar online : ok! mag: jamie lynn spears. Witness adds, "she is going to do the nursery in white.
    Com has confirmed that britney spears 16. I think she should be fired but its not fair to call her “white trash” or think of.
    Why don’t the skankey spears family just go away. Possible majors for jamie lynns budding college career: trailer park architecture white trash fashion design usmagazine.

  7. Olivia Says:

    Sixteen-year-old jamie lynn spears —known in some circles. Jamie lynn spears: look at my engagement ring!, jamie lynn spears. Jamie lynn hates britney, the fug magazine is reporting that jamie lynn spears, britneys 16-year-old sis, is indeed. Tv - pop culture.
    Jamie lynn has reportedly been buying tons of clothes and is going to "do the nursery in white, black and yellow, " says a spears. Britney’s a crazy drug addict. According to tmz and ok! magazine, britneys little sister, jamie lynn spears, age 16, is. She’s a normal 16 year old.